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Pittsburgh I.C.E.


Pittsburgh I.C.E., Inclusion Creates Equality, is an NHL "Hockey is for Everyone"™ program, committed to offering children of all socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to learn to play the game of ice hockey. The Hockey Is For Everyone initiative leverages the sport of hockey as a catalyst to help children learn essential life skills, education and the core values of hockey: commitment, perseverance, and teamwork. Although hockey is our primary mission, our other goals are to teach leadership skills, commitment to education, and community service. 

Pittsburgh I.C.E., formerly called Hockey in the Hood, launched its inaugural season on December 4th 2000, with a grant from the National Hockey League and the Pittsburgh Penguins Alumni.  The ICE program was developed under the umbrella of the National Hockey League's Diversity Task Force.

For the past 17 seasons, Pittsburgh I.C.E. programs have provided ice hockey Learn to Play programs, skills development and competitive opportunities to over 1200 kids throughout Pittsburgh and  Western Pennsylvania.